Review of CarVertical


We have checked the VIN code of our car with CarVertical and in this post we will
share our experience with you.

The only CarVertical Review you need to read.

Who or what
is a CarVertical?

The company CarVertical came on the market in summer 2018. The goal of this company is to provide services for people in an area of vehicle history verification using the VIN code by which each vehicle must be marked.

Thanks to the cooperation with BMW, the company CarVertical was practically the first, who started with realtime vehicle information collecting. Another advantage is the use of the technology BlockChain, which ensures, that the vehicle data has not been manipulated with.

FIRST STEP: Enter the VIN code

Using the entrance website VIN check free we entered the VIN code of our vehicle. For the obvious reasons, we will not provide the exact VIN code here, however it is the second generation Škoda Superb 2010 with a 2.0 TDI with output power of 125 kW.


SECOND STEP: VIN Verification and Information Retrieval

After entering the VIN code, you will be transferred to the VIN verification process and
subsequent retrieval of all available information and records relating to
entered VIN code and vehicle. You should see this screen.

Vin check verification process with CarVertical.
Vin check verification process with CarVertical.

As soon as is this Free VIN Check and available data collection complete, a
message will appear on the website. This message will show you, which vehicle it is
according to the VIN code and will give you the ability to view all available
history of the vehicle

Successfully checked VIN code
Successfully checked VIN code

The VIN Check process is now over. To this moment the whole VIN control process is for FREE.
However, if we want a complete vehicle history report containing all of the
important information
, we have no choice but to pay for it. But do not worry,
it is not a big sum and in the end this „few bucks“ can save you hundreds or thousands.


THIRT STEP: Buying the Complete Vehicle History report

Below the message of successfully finding the vehicle information, we have a choice of two

The best decision is to buy two reports, when you can save up to 35 % from the amount of one vehicle history report.

Because you are usually hesitant when it comes to finding a new vehicle, certainly this version seems to be the best solution.

We chose this package because we checked the VIN code of our another vehicle (BMW), about
which we will write another review hopefully soon.

Okay, We are choosing a package with very reasonable price of $10.49 per vehicle history report.
Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or now also by cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Package selection of Vehicle history report
Package selection of Vehicle history report

After the payment is made, a confirmation and a detailed overview of the inspected
vehicle (vehicle history report)
will be sent to your email address, where you will also find the link
to the results of the VIN check.


Detailed Overview of Our Checked VIN and Vehicle History

After opening the vehicle history report, we get to the intro-page, where we can see basic
about the vehicle and a quick summary of the entire vehicle history report,
so-called „Your car in a nutshell “. Here comes the first „fright “, as we hear
the news that
the mileage of this vehicle may be tampered.

The vehicle history report also showed the information, that there are also records about vehicle damage which we already knew about.

Although CarVertical is based on BlockChain technology, we are finding out the
information, that our overview about the tested VIN was saved to the
BlockChain, so it can no longer be manipulated with.

Results of VIN check of our car in a nutshell.
Results of VIN check of our car in a nutshell.

Let’s take a look at the details about our vehicle checked VIN & vehicle history.


1.  Spotted Activity

After the brief summary we are getting to the section „spotted activity “, on
the timeline we learn, when was the vehicle first registered, when was the MOT (the event of technical inspection) or emission control performed and visible are also the dates, when
was a change of the owner and damage to the car.

Car Registration & detected damage to this car
Car Registration & detected damage to this car

There is a total of 8 records about our vehicle and we confirm that they are TRUE and that the events match the reality. Further in this section, an inspection was made to see if the vehicle is not a subject of any lease, debt collection process or has not been used as a TAXI and much more – see picture below.

None of the information has been confirmed for our vehicle.